health maintenance

health maintenance

a systematic program or procedure planned to prevent illness, maintain maximum function, and promote health. It is central to health care, especially to nursing care at all levels (primary, secondary, and tertiary) and in all patterns (preventive, episodic, acute, chronic, and catastrophic).

Patient discussion about health maintenance

Q. I have lupus and diabetes. Can I get some tips for weight maintenance? Is it true that foods now these days have hormones and other preservatives in it that can make you fatter? Will eating organic food prevent weight gain (as long as you eat right and in decent portions). Has anyone lost weight faster while eating organic food..

A. Organic does mean that hormones and chemicals were not used but it may not guarantee you will loose weight. The number of calories and the types of foods you eat still affect weight loss and gain. The reason it may take a long time to loose that weight is that science is proving now that toxins from air, water and food become trapped inside of your fat cells, as a natural protection your body provides from them. Until you rid your body of the toxins you have stored up, your body will stubbornly hold onto the fat.

Q. Has anyone had any positive weight loss or maintenance from drinking milk?

A. Any "diet" which includes just 1 food is not healthy. Milk is great as part of a balanced diet, but not a diet fit for adults on its own. There can only be disadvantages in the long run of doing this.

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The health maintenance system alerts medical staff on the status of preventative care expectations for any specific patient beside treatment standards required to maintain the chronic disease conditions of the patient.
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In effect, group health maintenance organizations became free of personal income tax.
Introduction of the new Centers for Disease Control Group B Streptococcal Prevention Guideline at a large west coast health maintenance organization.
The recent rash of health maintenance organization and physician organization failures is prompting state legislatures across the US to focus less on mandating what these groups do and more on keeping them afloat.
An information system should help a provider organization's staff think ahead by providing proactive cues to schedule health maintenance.
An example of this might be the patient who is referred to your facility by a case manager of a large medical group that is partially capitated by a health maintenance organization that offers a senior plan to its enrollees who assign their Medicare benefits - i.
In 1973, Congress passed the Health Maintenance Organization Act to encourage the growth of organized health care delivery systems sponsored by the private sector.
Through a series of agreements, New York Hospital has agreed to lease space in an East 61st Street location that was once occupied by a branch office of a leading health maintenance organization, it was announced.
At the other end of the spectrum is the traditional health maintenance organization (HMO), in which a primary-care physician directs patient care within a network of pre-selected health-care providers.

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