health information system

health information system

combination of vital and health statistical data from multiple sources, used to derive information about the health needs, health resources, use of health services, and outcomes of use by the people in a defined region or jurisdiction.

health information system

Epidemiology A combination of health statistics from various sources, used to derive information about health status, health care, provision and use of services and health impact Informatics Hospital information system A system that provides information management features that hospitals need for daily business Features Pt tracking, billing and administrative programs; may include clinical features

health in·for·ma·tion sys·tem

(helth in'fŏr-mā'shŭn sis'tĕm)
Combination of vital and health statistical data from multiple sources, used to derive information about the health needs, health resources, use of health services, and outcomes of use by the people in a defined region or jurisdiction.

Patient discussion about health information system

Q. Is fibromyalgia related to Central Nervous System? Is fibromyalgia related to Central Nervous System? Among men and women who is more prone to the symptoms of fibromyalgia?

A. here is a quote from the National Fibromyalgia Association site:

"Little research has been conducted that measures the prevalence of fibromyalgia, and estimates vary widely as to the proportion of male versus female patients. A 1999 epidemiology study conducted in London found a female to male ratio of roughly three to one. However, a 2001 review of the research literature in Current Rheumatology Reports stated the ratio was nine to one."

Q. on what systems does ADHD effects?

A. Central nervous system. Which usually affects the hormonal state and any other system there is...

Q. on what system in the body does a Fibromyalgia effects?

A. Fibromyalgia effects the musculoskeletal and neuronal systems mainly. It is known to cause general weakness and unexplained fatigue, and a syndrome of pain, associated with different locations in the body. People suffer from chronic and extreme tenderness to light touch. Other symptoms include muscle aches, tingling and muscle spasms.

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The National Health Information System - I-Seha - came first in the category of "Enhanced Public Knowledge Management" systems in the West Asia region.
On-line data entry system under the electronic health information system of Tajikistan was launched in Dushanbe, the EU Office in Dushanbe reported on Wednesday.
PESHAWAR, July 17, 2011 (Balochistan Times): The three days training workshop about District Health Information System organized by Directorate of Health FATA in collaboration with UNICEF concluded here on Saturday.
They are often only available from the donor community that procures these commodities (drugs, condoms, and HIV diagnostic kits) and are rarely routinely collected as part of a country's health information system.
Ensure that MSPP and UEP are equipped with the level of expertise necessary to achieve the Strategic Health Information System goals.
The award was given for the electronic process that integrates UHN's health information system with its pharmacy system to provide computerized order entry by physicians, electronic nursing documentation at the bedside, and electronic validation of orders by the pharmacist.
Contract notice: Integration of a solution of knowledge management (km) in a health information system.
It is an integral part of any knowledge-based health information system to incorporate and integrate transactional (financial/administrative) information, as well as analytical (clinical/medical) data in a user-friendly, readily accessible, and secure form.
Contract awarded for CY 2013 Provision of Labor (Pakyaw) for the encoding of Animal Health Monitoring Reports, Routine Services and Vaccination Services of the Philippine Animal Health Information System (PhilAHIS)
Following an extensive national search, 3M and its partners, Orion Health and Connectria, were chosen to create an integrated health information system designed to improve the quality and efficiency of health care delivery in Maine and, over time, make personal health information more available to patients.
Because this service is integrated with Siemens INVISION health information system (HIS), INVISION MedsConnect makes it possible for information on the patient's prescribed medications - what the patient has been prescribed, when, and in what dose - to travel with the patient throughout the care continuum, providing a valuable information resource that empowers clinicians to make more informed patient assessments, prescribing decisions, and treatment recommendations.
Nasdaq: QVDX), a global software and vertical solution company, today announced its Integration Solution division's (ISD) role in the Accenture-led team that developed a fully integrated health information system prototype.

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