health informatics

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health informatics

A term that means variously:
(1) The range of information technology (IT) and information-analysis skills and services required in the NHS.
(2) The application of IT to improve management of patient data, population data and other information relevant to patient care and community health, teaching, biomedical research, and advancing medical knowledge.
(3) The cognitive processes of medical decision-making and processing of medical information, including the technology and communication tasks of medical practice, education and research.
Bioinformatics, clinical informatics, consumer-health informatics.
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health in·for·mat·ics

(helth in'fōr-mat'iks)
The practice and technology of collecting, storing, and analyzing health care data electronically and transferring data between computer systems.
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As stated in the preface, the goal in this new text is to provide "medical librarians with background knowledge of healthcare technology that will help clarify their role as it relates to health informatics." Further, they posit that medical librarians are positioned by both training and professional mission to be an integral part of the health informatics environment; so to fulfill this mission, they should be well versed in the theoretical foundations and practical applications of health informatics (preface, p.
For example, if your career objective is to work within health informatics (HI) projects, then aligning your career with organisations that are committed to achieving this objective is critical.
But we consider it a win that they haven't objected to it." AHIMA, along with the American Medical Informatics Association, has been an advocate of more focused spending on higher education programs in health informatics.
Context Sensitive Health Informatics: Redesigning Healthcare Work
Data from over 8,000 studies on dementia from MedAware Systems' Science of Health Informatics (SOHInfo)TM database provided the world's largest body of evidence in dementia and reported in the papers.
NURSES AT this year's Health Informatics New Zealand (HiNZ) conference in Auckland will hear from a New Zealand nurse who has just returned home from managing Australia's first fully digital hospital.
represented IMC, a provider of health informatics, enterprise content management, and information technology solutions to federal and commercial organisations.
Wrenn's team is part of the Health Informatics and Information Technology Disparities Campaign.
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Vangent, which offers health informatics and information exchange, electronic health records and data analytics, will become part of General Dynamics Information Technology, the buyer said.
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