health hazard

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health hazard

Etymology: AS, haelth + OFr, hasard
a danger to health resulting from exposure to environmental pollutants, such as asbestos or ionizing radiation, or to a life-style choice, such as cigarette smoking or chemical abuse.

health hazard

Occupational safety Any agent or activity posing a potential hazard to health. Cf Physical hazard.

health haz·ard

(helth haz'ărd)
Any substance that causes measurable changes in the body; employees so exposed must be informed of the possible change in body function and its symptoms.

health hazard

Any organism, chemical, condition, or circumstance that may cause injury or illness. Regarding chemicals, a substance is considered a health hazard if at least one study, conducted in accordance with established scientific principles, documents that acute or chronic effects may occur in connection with use of or exposure to that chemical.
See: hazardous material; permissible exposure limits; right-to-know law; health indicator for table

Patient discussion about health hazard

Q. Hello ! my name is Jay .. i am 35 years old and i am extremely over weight and i am very aware to it's hazards and risks and i am trying to loos weight and stay on my diet .. the problem is , and this is a tough one , i can not stick with it .. doesn't matter which diet i try , i get to a point where i just find my self fighting with myself with the urge to eat and i always loos ... i am over weight , i have no close friends to push me forward with my diet and i am loosing hope !!! is there someone who is familiar with this type of condition or status ? or has been or seen a similar case ?

A. For exercise I walked...started out a little at a time and walked everyday...this is going to sound so silly to you but I am a person who likes to set goals and meet them. SO I picked out a place I wanted to go( it was New Orleans) I found out miles from where i was to there and i charted the distance I walked until I "walked" to New Orleans, once there I picked a place( Denver, Co) and again walked to Denver. When I first started walking it was a 1/2 mile at a time BUT before I knew it it was a mile, two miles etc. It encourage me to "keep walking". Now I have a lot of health problems that aren't associated to my weight BUT I still try to make sure I walk...hey if interested maybe we could pick a place and both "walk" would encourage me to walk daily also! Jay I wish you the best of luck and again contact me if you wish.

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Kirklees has an estimated 23,300 houses in which there are serious health hazards according to the figures.
Chlorinated ethylenes, PCE, and TCE resulted in the most health hazard conclusions (eight from indoor air measurements).
Of course, a committee report, however thorough and well-intentioned, cannot guarantee that ethical lapses will not still occur, that researchers might not still hesitate to pursue housing-related health hazard research projects for fear of litigation, or that its recommendations and suggestions will be universally followed.
From every other non-tax policy perspective, the elimination of the health hazards posed by environmental contamination is a national priority.
Mold's research prior to and throughout the XA project points unerringly to a simple conclusion: Liggett knew for itself, and in great detail, the health hazards brought on by smoking.
Surgeon General as a serious health hazard and is more carcinogenic than main stream smoke.
The meeting also called for fuller use of the International Occupational Safety and Health Hazard Alert System--an international system developed with a U.
Sikandar Mandro warned to stop throwing the poisonous factories garbage dump and unhygienic water into Phuleli Canal which is health hazard and dangerous for human-beings, animals as well as crops, depending on Phuleli Canal drinking water crossing Tando Mohammad Khan, Badin, Matiari and other surrounding areas.
And they say despite flagging up the health hazard at The Huntsman two months ago, the black bin bags and household debris continue to pile up.
The health hazard evaluation program began in 1993, when GLC pioneered a joint initiative with the Toxicology Section of the Division of Environmental Health in the Illinois Department of Public Health.
Ramsay's solicitor, Keith Schilling said: "No scenes had been faked, the kitchen was indeed untidy and a health hazard.

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