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On the eighth day of Christmas, health care gave to me: "Eight RT's assessing..." (Kerry George, President, American Association for Respiratory Care) Seven years of CARF-in, six fewer mergers, five fewer m-e-e-t-i-n-g-s!
A team of health care administrators and professionals examine the resource usage patterns in patient care.
* Educate employees about the process involved in the formulation of the health care premium.
Redefining Health Care: Creating Value-Based Competition on Results, by Michael Porter and Elizabeth Olmstead-Teisberg, paints the clearest vision of the new world that transparency will create.
Given the cautious approach to consumer-driven health care by brokers in general, there is a real opportunity for forward-thinking, aggressive firms to dramatically expand clientele.
The pressures of the religious right and the pharmaceutical companies have led to an increasingly deformed health care system in our country.
While this is a new tax, most Americans will end up paying the same for their health care as they do today.
Furthermore, the VA health care system can help relieve the stress on the states, which pick up the cost of caring for the poor.
That will mean levels of health care consumption that will dwarf anything spent on medical care to date.
Third, health care is a paperwork nightmare for patients, doctors, insurers, and employers.
Soon, many dental professionals' nightmares that oral health care will be provided outside the dental professional model will become a waking reality.
For instance, to follow health care instructions, patients need to be able to comprehend written and oral prescription instructions, directions for self-care, and plans for follow-up tests and appointments.

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