healing reaction

healing reaction,

n the response of a living organism to heal and defend itself in response to a pathogenic or therapeutic agent.
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As The Shark Fin breaks up abnormal densities in tissue, it triggers a localized inflammatory healing reaction while increasing cellular activity, giving the user a more functional and less painful healing of the injured tissues.
The idea is to stimulate a local healing reaction," said lead author Dr.
The sensor has to detect the occurrence of damage and to initiate healing either by starting the motion of the healing agent or the healing reaction itself.
It was terribly painful then, and it hurt when the healing reaction occurred.
Jonathan continues having healing reaction flare ups many times since the tumor in his leg is really big, and we still have some years to go with the Therapy for him, but we are really thankful to our Lord and to the Gerson Institute for all you have done for us.
In March 2009, I had my first and only major healing reaction.
As the day wore on, I realized I was entering a healing reaction.
This is an example of a healing reaction, an essential part of the Gerson Therapy, in which the immune system is activated and the body produces a healing inflamation which can cause swelling and pain, after which healing occurs.
She recalls that she had a violent healing reaction, but recovered and was well enough to travel to San Diego for the convention in October of 1981.
Apparently the patient checked with the Gerson doctor who felt it was a normal healing reaction.
Here they are: The toxicity accumulates in the system, and can cause a headache; muscle aches (fibromyalgia) leg swelling, acting up of prior symptoms of pain, healing reaction discomfort, gas, colon blockage and/or distension, even nausea.

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