healing environment

healing environment,

n any circumstances that promote recovery from people in the direction of wholeness and healing.
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Medical Clinic providing comprehensive outpatient treatment of Worker's comp,Personal Injury and DOT Physicals in a beautiful healing environment.
The medication is formulated to create a moist healing environment that promotes granulation, epitheliazation and autolytic debridement while providing prolonged anesthesia of the wound, there by reducing the need for systemic pain medications, including opiate-based drugs.
The soothing hydrogel creates a superior wound healing environment while the lidocaine component imparts sustained pain control of the wound," says Dr.
Our theme this year, "Innovative Design--Healing Environments," stresses a deeper look at how your thoughtful and strategic design work is critically important to creating a healing environment for patients and caregivers.
Clarke, and his administration have orchestrated a researched and concrete mission to create a healing environment for this organization.
has introduced Opticell and Opticell Ag+ with silver, wound dressings that help create a moist healing environment and are gentle to the patient.
A serene healing environment is an important component of our patients' recovery.
When used effectively in healthcare facilities it can enhance the healing environment and play a key role in promoting the recovery and well-being of the patients.
We can now successfully treat the hydration needs of diabetically challenged skin, while also providing the dry healing environment necessary to prevent common fungal infections.
A dressing meant to heal a wound should create a moist wound healing environment with minimal dressing changes to disrupt the healing process.
She spoke of caring for the wounded at Scutari, of envisioning a healing environment and of lighting the way for nursing to transform care.
A growing body of data illustrates the value of a healing environment on our lives.

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