healed ulcer

healed ul·cer

an ulcer covered by epithelial regeneration, beneath which there may be scarring and absence of glands or appendages.
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Thus repigmentation following healing of ulcer should occur from the margin of the healed ulcer and from the skin appendages.
Skin biopsy of a healed ulcer revealed eosinophilic deposits within the vascular lumen.
Surprisingly perhaps, patients who showed a 'confrontational' way of coping (a style characterised by a desire to take control) with the ulcer and its treatment were less likely to have a healed ulcer at the end of the 24 week period.
Patients from the community ulcer clinics held in Riverside DHA were recruited if they had a newly healed ulcer which would be suitable for compression stockings.
All patients with a healed ulcer underwent yet another endoscopy at least 4 weeks after the end of treatment to confirm eradication, and also had urea breath testing at that time.
In the study, 51 percent of patients treated with Omnigraft had healed ulcers after 16 weeks compared to 32 percent of patients treated with standard diabetic foot ulcer care alone.
In the smaller study, multicomponent compression produced more completely healed ulcers at 12 weeks, but the difference wasn't statistically significant.
The variable in the study were pain relief, ability to join work and clinically healed ulcers.
And that group of patients has included 66 patients with active leg ulcers, unstable healed ulcers, or disabling lipodermatosclerosis.
pylon healed ulcers and prevented recurrence in about 90 percent of cases.