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Of the seven wards, one was assigned for TB patients - every member of staff had to take the HEAF test showing any tendency towards the disease - while others were designated for patients suffering from scarlet fever, diphtheria and meningitis.
Their father had a grade 2 Heaf test result (and a previous history of BCG) (this is equivalent to a Mantoux response of induration of diameter 5 to 14 mm).
Parents received a letter from Anderton Park Primary School, in Balsall Heath, earlier this week informing them some children would be given a Heaf test for tuberculosis as a precautionary measure.
The Heaf test is a skin test which shows which children have been exposed to the bacteria that causes the disease, but does not indicate they have actually contracted it.
About 60 patients and 50 staff at the Caludon Centre, in the hospital grounds, have been contacted and given the chance to have chest X-rays and the heaf test for immunity to the disease.
Schoolchildren aged 12 and 13 are usually offered the Heaf test - a preliminary test to see if TB immunity is present - and BCG injection as part of a yearly rolling programme.
A Heaf test, used to check for exposure to the TB bacteria, will be carried out for all reception and Year 1 children on Monday and all Year 2 children the following day.
About 1,600 youngsters are believed to have missed out on their Heaf test and BCG injection to give them protection against tuberculosis.
The skin tests, using the device, known as 'heaf tests', are given to all pupils aged between 11 and 13.
The skin tests, using the device, known as heaf tests, are given to all pupils aged between 11 and 13.
"We are giving these young people an opportunity to attend a final catch- up session with Heaf tests on August 14 and Heaf readings and BCG vaccinations the next week on August 22."