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"This headless image we are going to exhibit...Even the clothes we didn't change it, even the stains.
I didn't really want her to think there were headless men wandering around the streets, especially on the run up to Halloween with all the clowns andMichael Myers.
Headless technology provides a backend for content, but unlike a traditional CMS system, it does not provide a presentation layer.
'Initially, I thought it was the smell of animal carcass but upon a closer look, apparently (the smell came from) a headless body in the drain.
"We can safely call 2017 the year of the headless CMS," says Guseva.
But none of the UK's decapitated demons are as famous as the Headless Horseman of Butterton Moor.
The headless torso was found by a member of the public who was cycling on Copenhagen's southern Amager island on Monday, near where Kim was believed to have died.
Will the series' most beloved villain 6 The Headless Horseman 6 return in Season 4?
A QUARRY truck driver has told how a headless deer has been found close to where a lion was reportedly sighted.
However, there is a noticeable lack of information on the depth that headless compression screws should be embedded below the cartilage surface and the associated postoperative complications.
Head styles include concave, headless chisel, headless dome, serrated, and spear.
Which means they all run around like headless chickens looking for something ridiculous - in fact, one year I think it may have even been headless chickens.