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The fever left her tired, headachy, unable to sleep and unsteady on her feet.
But a total detox can leave you feeling headachy, flu-like and spotty.
She is under a lot of pressure at work and still gets headachy but now she is either going to the gym after work or taking some time out to relax when she gets home.
If you feel like death warmed up, hot and headachy and coughing do everyone at work a favour stay away.
I have quantum-leapt from the headachy VX220 Vauxhall - a rattler of a car that made me realise there is not enough aspirin in the world to induce me ever to drive it again - to the Audi Cabrio.
You may begin to feel tired and headachy and may even develop mild diarrhoea, body odour or bad breath.
But a note with the tablets warned that the tablets may make me feel headachy, sick, drowsy, weak, shaky, or faint.
Professor Coakley's new test is a brilliant application of new technology to a well established technique, but it's not yet going to quicken the diagnosis of meningitis or blood poisoning in its early stages, before the well-known signs appear, when the doctor has to decide whether an unwell, feverish, headachy child, with maybe a rash, can be left to the care of its parents to get better from its viral illness (more than 99 out of 100 cases), or should be given a painful and possibly hazardous antibiotic injection and rushed to hospital for an even more terrifying lumbar puncture.
The bar was hot and smoky, and she began to feel headachy. She had to get up early for church.
Light spilled over the wet road from the Dodge's headlights, making driving a tense and headachy business.
If someone says "Every day I come to work and I feel headachy," is it your boss that's giving you the headache or is there something wrong in the building?