headache diary

headache diary,

n an approach used to monitor the headache progression of a patient throughout the treatment period. This ongoing journal provides a measurement of the intensity and frequency of a patient's headaches.
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gov/pubmed/24417796) 34 people with new-onset migraine who kept a headache diary for about a month, those who ate a night-time snack were 40% less likely to experience a headache compared to those who didn't snack.
Patients who had maintained a headache diary for 1 month after the diagnosis of migraine without aura and for 3 months during GON block treatment were included in the study.
A daily headache diary was filled out by the patients before and one month after intervention.
Dr Dassan says: "Isabella seems to have menstrually-related migraines and in order to confirm this, I've advised her to keep a headache diary.
At that point, patients on either the high or low dose of TEV-48125 already showed a significantly greater reduction in the number of headache hours recorded in an electronic headache diary than did controls.
Patients who visit the clinic are given a headache diary, she explained, so that they can track which days of the month they are affected.
Review of her headache diary shows that Rita now experiences 3 to 4 migraines fulfilling International Headache Society (IHS) criteria (7) per month, but with headache of moderate to severe intensity occurring on 12 to 15 days per month.
Discuss with the family headache triggers, headache diary, supportive management and as indicated, the use of rescue or prophylactic medication (dosing, side effects, drug interactions, and symptoms of analgesic overuse).
To identify migraine triggers, keep a headache diary and document all foods and alcohol consumed and when headaches occur.
Keeping a headache diary is useful, as it provides information regarding the pattern and frequency of headaches and response to interventions.
The basic daily headache diary was well accepted by patients and was well accepted by physicians," Dr.
org also has numerous tools and information to help headache sufferers, including a headache diary.