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Head movements associated with congenital nystagmus, spasmus nutans, and miner's nystagmus.
Synonym(s): head tremors
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Affected birds show symptoms such as twitching and head tremors and may have difficulty breathing.
Those include use for strokes, head tremors and to loosen the legs of children with cerebral palsy "I suspect the FDA worried about fraud by approving Botox for migraines, but it hasn't gone crazy," he added.
Factors associated with increased risk of head tremors in essential type, a community based study in northern Manhattan.
Yet when Derek developed agonising neck cramps and uncontrollable head tremors a decade ago he wrongly diagnosed Parkinson's disease - and spent two years in torment, too scared to seek medical help.
Neurologic abnormalities were frequently identified, especially in great horned owls, and included head tremors (n = 17), ataxia (n = 13), head incoordination (n = 7), torticollis (n = 3), nystagmus (n = 3), and head tilt (n = 3).
1991), with head tremors being the most common behavioral response of pups in the 1.0-mg/kg group, and a dose-dependent increase in severity of symptoms (scratching, whole body tremors, convulsions) with the higher dosed pups (data not shown).
Hand and head tremors, associated with Parkinson's disease, and hip surgery six years ago make moving about difficult.
The owner reported that the ewe recently had been prone to periods of head tremors and appeared to be itchy over her rump.
He suffers hand and head tremors, associated with Parkinson's disease and has difficulty in walking due to hip surgery six years ago.