head of pancreas

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head of pan·cre·as

that portion of the pancreas lying in the concavity of the duodenum.
Synonym(s): caput pancreatis [TA]
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The tumor was palpated as a hard mass in the head of pancreas. The tumor was 15 cm in diameter and extended from the duodenum through to the retroperitoneum and inferior cecal region.
Acute segmental inflammation usually localized to the head of pancreas and occurs with gallstones (10,13,14).
In our study the diagnostic accuracy of ultrasound for the diagnosis of CA head of pancreas was 88%.
MRCP showing Dilated MPD with Atrophied Pancreatic Parenchyma and a Long Fistulous Tract from MPD from the Region of the Head of Pancreas and Extends along the Right Subhepatic Space and Hepatorenal Pouch into the Right Pleural Cavity via a well-defined Trans-Diaphragmatic Tract in the Right Postero-Laterai aspect of Hemidiaphragm
Primary diseases affecting the patients included tumor of the head of pancreas (54.2%), periampullary tumor (41.6%), and cholangiocarcinoma (4.2%).
[7], carcinoma of head of pancreas was the most common lesion found in the studies of Huis et al., [4] Siddique et al., [5] and Huang et al.
The patient was taken for a laparotomy, which revealed bulky head of pancreas and multiple vessels around the head and uncinate process of pancreas.
Cytologic features on fine needle aspiration of SPN have been described in the literature, (4) and for head of pancreas lesions, endoscopic-guided FNAC is useful.
The CBD stones were observed as the most common indication (25.3%), followed by CBD injuries after open(10.84%) or laproscopic-cholecystectomy (14.46%), carcinoma head of pancreas (12.05%) and CBD obstruction(14.46%) either due to CBD strictures or unknown distal obstruction.
A percutaneous pancreaticogram was done which revealed a round filling defect of 15 mm occupying the main pancreatic duct in the region of the head of pancreas raising the possibility of a mucinous ductal neoplasm.
Endoscopic ultrasonography (EUS) revealed a mass in the head of pancreas and fine needle aspiration (FNA) showed a clear cell tumor suggestive of renal cell carcinoma.