head of pancreas

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head of pan·cre·as

that portion of the pancreas lying in the concavity of the duodenum.
Synonym(s): caput pancreatis [TA]
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MRCP showing Dilated MPD with Atrophied Pancreatic Parenchyma and a Long Fistulous Tract from MPD from the Region of the Head of Pancreas and Extends along the Right Subhepatic Space and Hepatorenal Pouch into the Right Pleural Cavity via a well-defined Trans-Diaphragmatic Tract in the Right Postero-Laterai aspect of Hemidiaphragm
Patients of both gender, aged 45 to 70 years with confirmed or suspected neoplasm of head of pancreas, periampuallary or duodenal tumours were included.
In males, carcinoma of head of pancreas was the most common malignant cause of obstructive jaundice.
CT scan of abdomen with contrast showed heterogenous contrast enhancement of head of pancreas with peripancreatic edema suggestive of acute pancreatitis.
5,9) Pancreaticoduodenectomy is reserved for severe injuries to the head of pancreas and duodenum, in which salvage or reconstruction is not feasible provided the patient's condition is stable.
Tumours in the periampullary region are included in this study, as most of these (> 50%) arise from head of pancreas.
A hemorrhagic growth involving head of pancreas measuring 6x5 cm was seen causing narrowing of the duodenal lumen.
On physical examination, epigastric tenderness was present and ultrasound revealed an ill defined inhomogeneous hyper echoic lesion in the head of pancreas.
Most of them are adenocarcinoma arising from the head of pancreas (60%), ampulla of vater (20%), distal common bile duct (10%) or second part of duodenum (10%).
6%), Duodenal carcinoma in 3(20%) and carcinoma head of pancreas in 1(6.
Carcinoma head of pancreas was the most common aetiology and was seen in 16(32%) cases followed by carcinoma gallbladder, seen in 9(18%) cases.
A solitary calculus was seen in the MPD in the region of the head of pancreas measuring 4.