head of epididymis

head of ep·i·did·y·mis

the upper and larger extremity of the epididymis.
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Most of the epididymal cysts are uniloculated situated in the head of epididymis, thin walled, anechoic.
Similarly, the thickness was measured from the cranial to the caudal attachment of the head of epididymis to its free surface.
H: head of epididymis, B: body of epididymis, T: tail of epididymis, SV: seminal vesicle, BU: bulbourethral, Am: ampullae of vas deferens, Bd: bladder, Kd: kidney, l: left, and r: right.
Epididymal cysts range from uniloculated to multiloculated, situated in the head of epididymis. Out of 5 cases 03 cases were bilateral, multiloculated associated with debris and septations.
Of the total 120 cases 5 were epididymal cysts, appear on color Doppler US as anechoic lesions without internal echoes with good posterior transmission of sound; sometimes septations were seen commonly in head of epididymis. Clinically 13 cases were presented as epididymal cysts, of which 5 were correctly diagnosed on color Doppler ultrasound and proved post-operatively.
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