head louse

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head louse

A parasitic louse (Pediculus humanus subsp. capitis) that infests the human scalp and causes itching.

head louse

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LOUSE: SOURCE: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention; James Gathany


(lows) Pediculus.

body louse

Pediculus humanus corporis.

clothes louse

See: Pediculus humanus corporis

crab louse

Phthirus inguinalis and Phthirus pubis; the louse that infests the pubic region and other hairy areas of the body. See: pediculosis

head louse

Pediculus humanus capitis. See: illustration

head louse

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Prevalence of Head Louse (Pediculus humanus capitis) Infestation and Associated Factors Among Primary Schoolchildren in Bayengan City, West of Iran.
The use of unproven and in many cases ineffective products may prolong head louse infections.
quintana DNA was found in 1 (3%) head louse and in 4 (14%) body lice, but the difference was not significant.
4) "Prevalence of head louse infestation among school-aged children is usually reported as under 10% but may be as high as 40% in certain circumstances and locations.
From 50 randomly selected persons, each of whom had at least 3 body lice and 3 head lice; we selected 1 head louse and 1 body louse from each person for amplification and sequencing of the mitochondrial gene cytochrome b as described (11).