head cold

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a·cute rhi·ni·tis

an acute inflammation of the mucous membrane of the nose, marked by sneezing, lacrimation, and a profuse secretion of watery mucus; usually associated with infection by one of the common cold viruses of acute allergic rhinitis.
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head cold

A common cold mainly affecting the mucous membranes of the nasal passages, characterized by congestion, headache, and sneezing.
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head cold

(hed kōld)
An upper respiratory viral infection characterized by rhinitis, headache, and cough.
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Patient discussion about head cold

Q. Common cold but dreadful. I am suffering from a dreadful common cold. As I write: believe me, I long to have done with it. I am not enjoying it in the least. I fear however that I am already too old to see the day when the common cold becomes history. I tried the simple first aid tablets but no use. Could you use this session to help me out?

A. chicken soup :) the best cure!
you can try fresh ginger tea - it really make it easier..opens up the sinuses, drys up the mucous.

Q. My 5 years boy is coughing for 2 weeks. What can be the problem? 5 years boy is coughing for 2 weeks. In the beginning he had a simple cold, a runny nose and fever but after 3 days those symptoms were gone and now he just the this irritating cough. What can be the problem?

A. Residual cough can be a normal varient of the common cold but it can also be a sign for a more complicated disease. to distinguish between those situations you need to tell us if your boy has shortness of breath and fever or not. if not, its probably a residual part of the cold but if he does, maybe he didn't have a common cold but something more serious like pneumonia.

Q. what is the best way to treat cold ?

A. Treat it's symptoms. Since the common cold is caused mainly by viruses, and is usually a self-limiting disease, there's usually no role for specific treatment. Analgesics, antipyretics and anticongestants usually do the job. Some of these are OTC and some require prescription. Remember to consult a doctor before taking any drug.

And of course the best treatment is prevention: wash your hands after touching coming in contact with sick person, before touching your eyes, eating, after sneezing or coughing etc.

You may read more here:http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/commoncold.html

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Born To Run showed typical signs of any creature suffering from a head cold. She was a bit slouchy in her box, not displaying her usual up-and-at-em approach.
Coltart, who is fighting a head cold, joins fellow Scots Marc Warren and Scott Drummond in the chase for the pounds 500,000 first prize.
It's quite festive because it gives me a nose like Rudolf's, but I can't shift it this year - the head cold has gone but I still have the most irritating hacking cough.
Despite admitting to suffering from a slight head cold, Tuqiri claims he is feeling refreshed and ready to unleash his new-found extra pace upon the Fijians.
Symptoms include fever above 38 degrees, aches and pains, coughs or head cold and sore throat or conjunctivitis.
Eighth seed Nathalie Dechy of France went through when compatriot Virginie Razzano retired with a head cold after dropping the first set 6-4.
Backed by Lisa Hannigan's haunting counterpoint vocal but shorn of his usual cello accompaniment, Rice conquered a heavy head cold that threatened his ability to hit the high notes.
Professor Martin Cormican - a consultant microbiologist - said: "As prescribers, it is vital that we prescribe antibiotics to maximise the likelihood of successfully treating infections, while minimising the risk of antibiotic resistance and reducing harm to our patients." Dr Nuala O'Connor, from the Irish College of General Practitioners, added: "Antibiotics are not effective for the treatment of viruses such as head cold, flu, and chickenpox.
"A lot of children snore occasionally, for example when they have a head cold. However, loud frequent snoring that persists for weeks or months can be an important sign of a breathing problem during sleep that can lower sleep quality, resulting in daytime problems.
That rather than settle for tannic bitterness of a Beecham's Powder we may just decide to tackle the dull thud of the head cold with an invigorating line of Columbian talcum.
The head cold Cuellar was suffering from ruled him out of a press launch for the PFA Scotland Player of the Year awards in which he is one of the four nominees for the top prize.