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Etymology: Fr, hasard, chance
a condition or phenomenon that increases the probability of a loss. A hazard can increase the chances of a loss that does not necessarily result in illness or injury. hazardous, adj.


Occupational health An adverse health or ecologic effect; a source of risk if an exposure pathway exists, and if exposures have possible adverse consequences. See Health hazard, Hospitalization hazard, No apparent public health hazard, Physical hazard.


a risk.

hazard analysis critical control points
a systematic procedure used to identify specific hazards (for example in food production) and establish control systems that focus on preventive measures rather than rely on end-product testing.
chemical hazard
a chemical capable of causing poisoning is on the premises and represents a potential threat.
radiation hazard
radioactive material is on the premises and represents a potential threat to animals in that environment.

Patient discussion about hazard

Q. Hello ! my name is Jay .. i am 35 years old and i am extremely over weight and i am very aware to it's hazards and risks and i am trying to loos weight and stay on my diet .. the problem is , and this is a tough one , i can not stick with it .. doesn't matter which diet i try , i get to a point where i just find my self fighting with myself with the urge to eat and i always loos ... i am over weight , i have no close friends to push me forward with my diet and i am loosing hope !!! is there someone who is familiar with this type of condition or status ? or has been or seen a similar case ?

A. For exercise I walked...started out a little at a time and walked everyday...this is going to sound so silly to you but I am a person who likes to set goals and meet them. SO I picked out a place I wanted to go( it was New Orleans) I found out miles from where i was to there and i charted the distance I walked until I "walked" to New Orleans, once there I picked a place( Denver, Co) and again walked to Denver. When I first started walking it was a 1/2 mile at a time BUT before I knew it it was a mile, two miles etc. It encourage me to "keep walking". Now I have a lot of health problems that aren't associated to my weight BUT I still try to make sure I walk...hey if interested maybe we could pick a place and both "walk" there...it would encourage me to walk daily also! Jay I wish you the best of luck and again contact me if you wish.

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The factors are: 1) product hazardousness, 2) severity of injury, and 3) revenue incurred in the forum and are explained in greater detail under section C: The Justice Brennan and Stevens's Hybrid Test.
The average workers' compensation lost-time claim frequency rate, which we use as a proxy for the hazardousness of the workplace, was 2.
consequently, we use the number of inspections of a plant (during the sample period), NUMINSP, as a proxy for the plant's hazardousness, when not modeling heterogeneity with plant-specific fixed effects.
The methodology has been developed for evaluating the hazardousness of damages potentially suffered during car operation on the basis of the amount of energy absorbed.
Further more, predicting of leaching behavior and chemistry of different compounds in semicoke is very important in order to assess the environmental hazardousness of semicoke as well as to determine the applicability of different technologies for this solid waste disposal and possible reuse.
Highlighting the significant potential offered by use of recycling resources, Parliament emphasises the need for further recovery targets and standards for waste streams which have a considerable environmental impact owing to their quantity or hazardousness and which, because of their negative or low value, offer no or scarcely any market incentives for recovery, with particular reference to construction and demolition waste (some 22% of total waste) and commercial and industrial waste (some 26% of the total amount of waste and 75% of total hazardous waste).
In other work involving consumer products that varied in hazardousness, older adults rated products overall as less hazardous than did younger adults (Wogalter, Jarrard, & Simpson, 1994); however, risk perception for specific product types was not reported in that study, only overall risk perception averaged across products.
The critics of the Act of 1908 directly confronted the issue of hazardousness.
The potential environmental hazardousness and possibilities of semi-coke reusability depends on the content of its organic component and on the composition of mineral matter.
The placement of a warning in a prominent area of a product label might increase the perceived hazardousness relative to a warning that is less prominently located.
The given scheme demonstrates that in order to minimize the environmental hazardousness of the ash fields the amount of water added to the system of ash fields is to be decreased.

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