hazardous material

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hazardous material



A toxic material that may cause personal injury or property damage. The hazard of any material is determined by its chemical, physical, and biological properties and by the possibility of exposure to that material.
See: health hazard; permissible exposure limits; right-to-know law
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Hazardous materials pose a high risk to human health and the environment if improperly handled, used, transported, or stored.
* Emergency response operations to a terrorism or criminal scenario using hazardous materials are based upon the basic concepts of traditional hazmat response.
31, 2005, the TSA began the second phase of the Hazardous Materials Threat Assessment Program with the fingerprinting of commercial truck drivers applying to obtain a hazardous materials endorsement on their state-issued commercial drivers license.
It is strongly recommended that any time a hazardous materials incident is reported, a copy of the initial and any subsequent reports should be requested and maintained to document that the reporting process has properly taken place.
According to Bones, DOT requires that all transporters of hazardous materials meet regulatory requirements.
"The hazardous materials training course was a very good experience for all of us.
A campuswide safety manual to standardize procedures for handling hazardous materials is a must.
Ningbo's managing director Chris Stockton said: "We've been working incredibly hard for months to ensure we could operate at ADR standards in order to deliver hazardous materials.
(i) Performs, or is responsible for performing, any pre-transportation function required under this subchapter for transportation of the hazardous material in commerce.
Dry ice is not the only hazardous material that falls under Class 9, and a number of companies felt that the new regulations would cause them a hardship, as they would not be able to meet the change prior to the deadline.
Hazardous Materials Transportation Act (HMTA) regulates the domestic and international transportation of dangerous goods that might harm people, living organisms, property or the environment.
These visual clues immediately tell responders that the tanker is carrying a hazardous material. Zeroing in with the binoculars, the responders try to make out the UN identification number inscribed on the placard.

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