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1. A nictitating membrane, especially of a domesticated animal.
2. An inflamed condition of this membrane.
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Herbal medicine
A deciduous shrub or tree that contains flavonoid glycosides, saponins, tannins and trimethylamine, which is best known for its cardiovascular activity: the active principles in hawthorn cause vasodilation, bradycardia and normalise blood pressure in both hypo- and hypertension. It has been used for angina pectoris, spasms of peripheral arteries (e.g., Raynaud phenomenon), tachyarrhythmias and insomnia; the berries are used in Chinese herbal medicine as a digestive tonic.
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However, Feder's tests show that early-to-bed, apple-eating flies prove less likely than the haw residents to snap out of their hibernation-like diapause during a burst of warm weather.
She said Haws would have to sleep on the pavement if he returns.
Hee Haws Barney was the talking dog of the winter after being purchased out of Ian Reilly's kennel for E100,000.
Hoping that the passenger door was open, Olsen crawled across the truck, but by the time he reached the door Haws had regained consciousness, rolled down the passenger-side window, and started to squirm out the opening.
That time is just 10 spots outside the track record set by Droopys Shearer last year, and the knock-on effect meant that the 29.40sec posted by Hee Haws Barney in defeat would have comfortably won any of the other 480m opens on the night.
IN winning the e1,750 TRF 525 final at Harold's Cross, John Feane's Striking Dream paid a handsome compliment to the e100,000 purchase Hee Haws Barney.
HEE HAWS BARNEY was last night on the verge of joining greyhound racing's exclusive six-figure club as a deal to buy the July 2003 youngster out of the Ian Reilly kennel for e100,000 was all but complete, sparking a monster gamble for the William Hill Derby at Wimbledon in the process, writes Jonathan Kay.