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Relating to a haustrum.


Relating to a haustrum.


(haw′strŭm) plural.haustra [L. haurire, to draw, drink]
One of the sacculations of the colon caused by longitudinal bands of smooth muscle (taeniae coli) that are shorter than the gut.
haustral (haw′străl), adjective
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He reviewed the findings from carrageenan-treated animals, including loss of haustral folds, mucosal granularity, crypt abscesses, lymphocytic infiltration, capillary congestion, pseudopolyps, and strictures.
CHICAGO -- Using a retrograde viewing device that looks behind haustral folds and flexures in the colon during colonoscopy was associated with the detection of significantly more polyps and adenomas than relying on a standard colonoscope alone, a prospective study has found.
54) Furthermore, the loss of haustral markings has also been reported to be an MRI feature of UC.
Of the polyps located on the proximal aspect of haustral folds in the models -- i.