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 [haws´trum] (pl. haus´tra) (L.)
one of the pouches of the colon, produced by adaptation of its length to the taenia coli, or by collection of circular muscle fibers 1 or 2 cm apart; the haustra are responsible for the sacculated appearance of the colon.
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(haw'stră), Avoid the incorrect form haustrae.
Plural of haustrum.
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(haw′strŭm) plural.haustra [L. haurire, to draw, drink]
One of the sacculations of the colon caused by longitudinal bands of smooth muscle (taeniae coli) that are shorter than the gut.
haustral (haw′străl), adjective
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To measure the distance of haustra digiti, the fingers were flexed and the distance of the haustra digiti was measured laterally from the crease ends (Fig.
No significant difference was detected between left and right-handed females and left and right handed males on haustra digiti (p>0.05).
Moreover haustra digiti differences on right and left handed females among their own hand fingers were also measured by student t-test.
Haustra digiti have never been compared in any study.
In addition, the white lines (haustra) dividing the colon separate it into very unequal segments.
Lateral CT/scout shows distended large bowel with fluid levels (note haustra) (Figure 2).
What is the name for the crescent-shaped mucosal folds that separate adjacent colonic haustra?