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, pl.


(haw-stō'rē-ŭm, -stō'rē-ă),
An organ to absorb nutriment.
[Mod. L. fr. L. haustus, drinking in or draw up]


  1. a specialized development of the end of a HYPHA in parasitic fungi, penetrating a cell of the host and forming a food-absorbing organ.
  2. (in other parasitic plants) the organ that penetrates the host and acts as a food-absorbing organ.
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The results revealed that some bacterial s trains and isolates inhibited germination; some had no effects while other enhanced it (Tables 1-7), some bacterial strains and isolates had no effect on germination at high stimulant concentration, but they were inhibitory at low concentrations, haustorium initiation in response to DMBQ and sorghum root macerate were differentially influenced by bacterial s trains and isolates.
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These somewhat loosely defined haustoria are not strictly comparable with the chalazal and micropylar endosperm haustoria found in many Asteridae, such as Lamiaceae (Rudall & Clark, 1992), where distinct well-defined endosperm chambers are formed, often containing a few large coenocytic nuclei which may wander around the periphery of the haustorium.