harvest mite

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any arthropod of the order Acarina except the ticks; they are characterized by minute size, usually transparent or semitransparent body, and other features distinguishing them from the ticks. They may be free living or parasitic on animals or plants, and may produce various irritations of the skin.
chigger mite (harvest mite) chigger.
itch mite (mange mite) Sarcoptes scabiei.

harvest mite


harvest mite

See chigger.


A minute arachnid of the order Acarina. Some mites are parasitic and cause asthma, mange, and scabies; others are vectors of disease organisms and are intermediate hosts for certain cestodes.

dust mite

A species, Dermatophagoides pteronyssinum or D. farinae, that ingests shed human skin cells. The mite is a common cause of allergic reactions.

follicle mite

Demodex folliculorum.

harvest mite


itch mite

See: Sarcoptes; scabies

mange mite

Any mite of the families Sarcoptidae and Psoroptidae, which causes mange in many species of animals.
See: mange; scabies

red mite

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Or harvest mites could be the problem - they cause tiny red dots to appear on her feet or ears.
Harvest mites cause intense itching and are just visible as orange-red specks on the skin.
A Harvest mites, also called berry mites, affect cats in late summer and autumn.