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Anything that impairs or adversely affects the safety of patients in clinical care, drug therapy, research investigations, or public health. Harms include adverse drug reactions, side effects of treatments, and other undesirable consequences of health care products and services.
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Patient discussion about harm

Q. If the baby movement is quick, will it be harmful …..? Hi to all here…….I am 24 and 3 week pregnant. I am so happy because pregnancy is vital in every women’s life. I am curious to know when I could feel the baby movement and how it will be. If the baby movement is quick, will it be harmful …..?

A. First, congratulations for Olivia..

You should feel your baby's first movements, called "quickening," between weeks 16 and 24 of your pregnancy. If this is your first pregnancy, you may not feel your baby move until closer to 24 weeks. By the second pregnancy, some women start to feel movements as early as 13 weeks (this varies in every pregnant moms).

So when you reach your second trimester later, you need to monitor your baby's movement sometimes (just like saloni explained to you). Feel free to consult with your OB-GYN doctor whenever you feel a problem with your pregnancy.

But I wish you all the best for your pregnancy. Good luck! Stay healthy always..

Q. Is coffee so harmful? I am Saloni, 17 and a keen coffee-lover. Now-a-days, I drink lot of coffee which my brother has noticed and advised me to minimize the quantity. He also blames coffee for heart diseases and addiction status of the person. Is coffee so harmful?

A. The last response says "coffee is bad for you". This response gives no basis for its conclusion.

Coffee is served in hospitals. If coffee was really bad for you, then hospitals are doing bad things to patients and would have been sued for malpractice. A judge would laugh you right out of court for trying.

There are no FDA health warnings on coffee.

Coffee is served in restaurants everywhere in the world. Its everywhere in the work place. There aren't any rules concerning coffee.

Q. I am going for my first mammography, Is this test harmful? I am going for my first mammography on coming Tuesday…….just was worried as the doctor is suspecting a tumor….Is this test harmful?

A. Generally there is no harm. It may be harmful when you have them during or a week before the menstrual periods as due the tenderness of the breasts may cause discomfort.

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Owens seeks to solve this problem, and maintain the connection between interests and wrongs, by claiming that we do in fact have an interest in cases of harmless wronging, albeit an interest of a different kind.
"In essence, it's vegetable dye similar to processed peas and is completely harmless."
At least four in ten readers polled online think it is just harmless fun, but another four think it is a display of vanity.
After a divided panel of the Fourth District Court of Appeal ruled that any error in excluding the testimony was harmless, the court reheard the case en banc to consider the proper standard for harmless error in civil appeals.
It seems harmless, one feels like capturing the moment; but in reality this selfie obsession is creating a mental disorder.
Although the species is harmless to humans, beachgoers are advised not to touch them.
Dera Ismail Khan -- DSP Zahoor Khan remained harmless in the remote control bomb blast took place on Friday in Dera Ismail Khan while his driver and guard were injured.
no thought for the inconvenience and financial "This is a cowardly act by someone whose only gain from these offences can be to think it is harmless fun to cause damage to the property of hardworking members of the "This is a cowardly act by someone whose only gain from these offences can be to think it is harmless fun to cause damage to the property of hardworking members of the community."
HIV causing AIDS is evolving into a milder form that if it continues to evolve this way, the virus could transform into an almost harmless state, a team of scientists at the University of Oxford said.
District Court judge erred in his jury instructions on drug quantity, the error was harmless given the uncontested and overwhelming nature of the evidence.
Another British resident of JI said: "It's harmless and a beautiful looking animal.
And it's served with "housemade pico de gallo, sour cream & ancho-chile ranch." That all sounds pretty harmless.