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The electronic component of a computer.
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Informatics The electronic and mechanical, non-software components of a computer–eg, central processing unit, monitor, disk drives, keyboard, 'peripherals'–eg, printer, modem, scanners Orthopedics Any device–eg, nut, bolt, pin, plate, screw, and wire placed in bone to stabilize a fracture or to anchor a prosthetic joint. See Bone glue.
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Patient discussion about hardware

Q. Has anyone had a spine fusion that failed? Or hardware that failed?

A. Haven't experienced it myself, but here (http://www.spine-health.com/forum/treatments/back-surgery-and-neck-surgery) you may find a discussion about it.

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A (https://www.kickstarter.com/fulfillment) 2015 study indicated  the average failure rate for Kickstarter projects is around 9 percent, but the site's highest-profile hardware campaigns are still marked by notable controversies like the Coolest Cooler and Zano.
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In November 2001, the Air Force deployed Global Hawk ACTD hardware to Southwest Asia to meet an urgent Central Command request for persistent, broad-area reconnaissance and surveillance for Operation Enduring Freedom.
Basically a way to share hardware between applications, virtualization allows the "pooling" of resources that results in consolidating hardware, maximizing the use of the remaining hardware.