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1. The degree of firmness of a solid, as determined by its resistance to deformation, scratching, or abrasion.
See also: hardness scale, number.
2. The relative penetrating power of a beam of x-rays, used both within the diagnostic range of energy and in radiation therapy; expressed in terms of half-value layer.
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1. The degree of firmness of a solid, as determined by its resistance to deformation, scratching, or abrasion.
2. The relative penetrating power of a beam of x-rays.
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If hardness of water is very high it may even cause non uniform dyeing.
Table-2: Hardness of tap water samples from different districts of KPK, in terms of CaCO3, and their pH Values.
The presented work deals with relatively more reliable and accurate hardness analysis in heterogeneous structures engineering.
Variability: Metal castings are not homogenous, and hardness variations will occur throughout the typical casting, though the variation between locations should not be dramatic.
Test of hardness according to Vickers is prescribed by European standard CSN EN ISO 6507-1.
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(9-10) However, changes to the physical properties (such as hardness) resulting from addition of these materials have not been investigated.