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1. The degree of firmness of a solid, as determined by its resistance to deformation, scratching, or abrasion.
See also: hardness scale, number.
2. The relative penetrating power of a beam of x-rays, used both within the diagnostic range of energy and in radiation therapy; expressed in terms of half-value layer.


Etymology: AS, heard, hard
1 a quality of water produced by soluble salts of calcium and magnesium or other substances that form a precipitate with soap and thus interfere with its cleansing power.
2 the quality of firmness produced by cohesion of the particles composing a substance, as evidenced by its inflexibility or resistance to indentation, distortion, or scratching.


1. The degree of firmness of a solid, as determined by its resistance to deformation, scratching, or abrasion.
2. The relative penetrating power of a beam of x-rays.

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Sample###Area###Total Hardness as CaCO3 (mg/L)###pH
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The mean of the sum of indentations per surface was calculated to have one representative reading for both the bottom and top surface hardness.
The T6 or T61 heat treatment (solution, quench and age) also can be modified to improve the hardness.
Test of hardness according to Vickers is prescribed by European standard CSN EN ISO 6507-1.
Anti-pulling intensity and surface hardness of bamboo leaf is maximal, which is dicided by its cell structure and composites of epicuticular cell.
5 hardness measurements have been carried out in each area at identical intervals and their arithmetic mean value is presented for the report.
In terms of actual hardness, diamond is four times harder than corundum.