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Arthur, English biochemist and Nobel laureate, 1865-1940. See: Harden-Young ester.
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By midmonth stop fertilizing perennials, roses, shrubs, and trees and gradually cut back on irrigation to harden off plants for winter.
HARDEN off polyanthus before putting them out when the weather turns milder.
Begin to harden off young plants and overwintered cuttings.
Harden off summer bedding, checking the forecast and covering the plants with horticultural fleece if frost is forecast.
Start to harden off bedding plants in a garden frame.
Transplant the seedlings once the first true leaves have formed and harden off before planting out at the end of spring or early summer, placing the seedlings around 30cm (12in) apart in rows 45cm (18in) apart.
Clear out spring bedding and begin to harden off summer bedding plants.