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The electronic component of a computer.


the tangible parts of a computer, such as chips, boards, wires, transformers, and peripheral devices. See also software.


Informatics The electronic and mechanical, non-software components of a computer–eg, central processing unit, monitor, disk drives, keyboard, 'peripherals'–eg, printer, modem, scanners Orthopedics Any device–eg, nut, bolt, pin, plate, screw, and wire placed in bone to stabilize a fracture or to anchor a prosthetic joint. See Bone glue.


metallic foreign bodies in the reticulum of ruminants, especially in dairy cattle, and the cause of traumatic reticulitis.

hardware disease
traumatic reticuloperitonitis.

Patient discussion about hardware

Q. Has anyone had a spine fusion that failed? Or hardware that failed?

A. Haven't experienced it myself, but here (http://www.spine-health.com/forum/treatments/back-surgery-and-neck-surgery) you may find a discussion about it.

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