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An impact-resistant helmet worn to protect the skull against falling material(s) or against low ceilings
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Like MSA's traditional V-Gard hard hats, the V-Gard Green protective hard hat meets the company's performance standards as well as those defined by ANSI Z89.1 and CSA Z94.1.
Ian gave staff the hard hats to wear as they move between the shop and a workshop at the rear of the premises.
In this week's competition with the club, two winners will receive a hard hat and high visibility jacket set.
Meanwhile, a Santa now has to wear a hard hat to protect him from pie-throwing yobs.
A CONTRACTOR who cracked his head on a concrete slab and died was not wearing a hard hat, an inquest heard yesterday.
The wannabe gigolo turned up carrying a notepad and hard hat, steel-capped boots and work shirt.
These include the now 'at risk' Royal Insurance Building in North John Street It has been given four 'hard hat' symbols by English Heritage, which grades structures from one (low risk) to six (high risk).
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1st Class Sidney Storr and Rice presented him a hard hat with the same rank.
As a site foreman, she lumbers about carrying a water level, a roll of plans, and a hard hat. As an obsequious Russian engineer whose talents have been downgraded to a lesser job in her adopted country, she fusses with her lipstick.