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The omission of syllables because of excessive speed of utterance.
[haplo- + G. logos, study]
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Some independent evidence for a haplology rule rather than an affix replacement rule may come from the following.
Bennis 1980, Odijk 1993) have proposed a haplology rule, which deletes er in the context of er.
(18) For various examples of haplology in Burushaski, see Berger 2008: 6.13.
gei" sequence is not surprising under the analysis of haplology: bei and gei are not homophonous.
Particularly, I will argue against the analysis of haplology in Chinese passives.
comm.), we can then account for the form avrtat by haplology. That is, avrtat represents avrta tat, with omission of the repeated syllable -ta-.
Recognition of the haplology in M 4.5.5 has an unexpected consequence.
A harmonic scale of haplology in natural languages can be derived from the findings of this paper: omission of functional morphemes is more harmonic than omission of lexical morphemes.
This operation is also known as "haplology" in the literature (Stemberger 1981; Menn and MacWhinney 1984).
Brachyology or a combination of proximal and distant haplology?
kulawan(n)i-: The translation (and interpretation) "military" involving haplology is unconvincing.
New etymologies (often of proper names, notoriously difficult to etymologize) regularly rely on haplology (e.g., pp.