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Emergency medicine A shackle consisting of an unpadded metal loop that can be locked around the wrist; usually used in pairs; soft restraints are widely preferred
Law enforcement Restraint devices designed to secure an individual's wrists close together
Sexology A shackle, designed à la law enforcement which has currency as a sex toy. Law enforcement handcuffs are not interchangeable with bondage handcuffs, as they may cause compression neuropathy
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It appears the woman turned up to the station with handcuffs attached to her wrists," he said.
It wasn't until 1862 that the main form of handcuffs that we know today was invented.
A likely scenario emerging during the execution of a search warrant is the need to detain individuals and place them in handcuffs.
The leader of the Police Federation has challenged the Government to clarify when officers are allowed to use handcuffs during arrests to prevent a repeat of the murder of Detective Constable Stephen Oake.
The deputy walked the first boy past them in handcuffs, however, Stuber said.
Once we tried to handcuff her, she bit me and resisted arrest ferociously.
When I tried to handcuff him, he pushed me and I fell down to the ground.
Investigators said they were still investigating the case, as well as trying to trace ownership of the handcuffs found at the scene.
And the handcuffs were not just on people's wrists, but around their hearts.
Contract notice: Acquisition of pairs of metal handcuffs, handcuffs ipad holder, disposable handcuffs and chains driving or accompanying handcuffs for the benefit of the services of the national police, the national gendarmerie, customs and coastguards.
Once they subdue them, police personnel handcuff and may need to restrain them further by hog-tying their legs together or by strapping them to a stretcher or board.
The dog's owner arrived at Low Hill fire station, Toxteth, with a small handcuff attached to one of the animal's back legs.