hand scaling

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1. the removal of plaque, bacterial endotoxins, and calculus from a tooth with a scaler.
2. measurement of something using a scale.
hand scaling scaling and oral débridement using a manual scaler.
ultrasonic scaling scaling using an ultrasonic scaler.
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The majority of programs (89.2%) introduced hand scaling instrumentation instruction prior to the introduction of ultrasonic scaling instrumentation instruction (Figure 1).
(4, 6, 8) While ergonomically appropriate postures can minimize force moments on the body, the nature of performing repetitive movements, such as hand scaling and polishing, places high workloads on the muscles and tendons of the forearms and hands.
Key to this was the overcutting and rock bolting in the development drifts, eliminating the need for "giraffes" and hand scaling.
In addition, hand scaling was rated as worse than sonic and ultrasonic instrumentation.
Complete debridement of the hard tissues using ultrasonics and hand scaling.