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Thomas Hale, U.S. physician, 1905-1987. See: Ham test.


1. Synonym(s): popliteal fossa
2. The buttock and back part of the thigh.
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HTLV-I-associated myelopathy. See Tropical spastic paraparesis.
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[AS. haum, haunch]
1. The popliteal space or region behind the knee.
2. A common name for the thigh, hip, and buttock.
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Michael and his brother Mark are Maestro Cortador Filipino, a title of honor and respect in the erudite world of Spanish ham. That means they have been well trained in the art of carving a whole leg of Spanish ham, especially the much revered and much coveted Jamon Iberico de Bellota, a ham so prized it has been named a national treasure of Spain.
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In this project, Three Sticks' Method was applied to absorb odors of hams as traditional ways.
Color parameters of the dry-cured hams were measured across the cut surface of biceps femoris muscle at the end of processing (413 days) using a Minolta Chroma Meter CR400 (Osaka, Japan).
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This early experience helped point me toward a Foreign Service career, as it provided my first awareness that there were such things as embassies and consulates, when I talked to some hams stationed at them.
Wrapping smoked hams in parchment paper and then storing them in fly-proof muslin bags proved to be the most desirable method when hams are to be kept for several months at ordinary air temperatures, according to the results of a three-year test just completed at the Animal Husbandry Experiment in station, Beltsville, Maryland.
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