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Hartog J., Dutch physiologist, 1859-1924. See: Hamburger phenomenon.
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The recalled hamburger and hot dog buns were distributed at a variety of retail locations that include Walmart, Target, Aldi, Piggly Wiggly, and Publix.
11 - Chicken nuggets, Mac 'n' cheese, green beans, Mandarin oranges, milk or hamburger
The hamburger has always been about efficiency, deliciousness and innovation.
Hamburger says these lawsuits mark "the beginning of a trend" that starts with suits against large plan sponsors and large financial services firms -- which, in the case of New York Life and Morgan Stanley, are one and the same -- then spreads to smaller sponsors and smaller financial firms.
As of August 2015, there are over 49,000 hamburger restaurants in the United States.
In the video, seagull is seen getting closer to two men who sat on a table to eat hamburger. With a quick move, the bird was able to get the hamburger, which was followed with astonishment.
The word hamburger on the other hand, does have its origins in Europe.
Previously, both Hamburger and Solomon were among the top three producing agents at Mark David & Company.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- The Finnish Food Safety Authority Evira confirmed that a batch of frozen hamburger patties imported by a Finnish company from Ireland contained horsemeat.
10 ( ANI ): A group of five Harvard University students sent a hamburger soaring up to 100,000ft, to film its adventures in space as part of their "Operation Skyfall."
One thing that's become obvious now is that it just might be possible to slap a human rights charge on a hamburger!
And that's how I came to have a hamburger with Aram Khachaturian, the renowned Armenian composer.