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A shrub or small tree, Hamamelis virginiana (family Harmarmelidaceae), the bark and dried leaves of which have been used externally as an application to contusions and other injuries, in headache, and for the cure of noninflammatory hemorrhoids; the water, popularly known as "extract of witch hazel," is made from the bark and contains 14% alcohol.
Synonym(s): witch hazel
[Mod. L., fr. G. hama- mēlis, fr. hama, together with, + mēlon, apple]


A remedy that has been used for weakened venous circulation and varicose veins, as well as bloodshot eyes, depression, irritability, headaches, haemorrhoids and menstrual disorders.


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Hamamelis mollis (Chinese witch hazel), left, and Hamamelis Intermedia Jelena (Orange witch hazel), right
12) Hamamelis (witch hazel) distillate cream was inferior to steroid creams.
The Hamamelis, or witch hazel family, is a group of plants that grow as large shrubs or small trees.
Mae'r rhan fwyaf o'r gwahanol rywogaethau yn blodeuo rhwng Ionawr a Mawrth ac eithrio Hamamelis virginiana sy'n blodeuo rhwng Medi a Thachwedd.
Most hamamelis are from Asia and so too are many of the sorbus or mountain ash that we treasure in our gardens.
Choose Hamamelis x intermedia "Diane" for the best red flowered witch hazel.
The spring witch hazel, Hamamelis vernalis, is a February-to-March orange- or yellow-blooming, multi-stemmed plant.
Hamamelis x intermedia "pallida" a great display, as does "mollis".
Good varieties include Hamamelis intermedia Diane, whose flowers have thread-like, dark red petals.
Proctonet, available in liquid and cream formulations, is an itch-relieving product made with such natural ingredients as hamamelis, horse chestnut, mallow and sweet almond oil.
First off the mark is usually a garden variety of the Chinese Witch Hazel, Hamamelis X Intermedia.