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Incorporation of one or more halogen atoms into a molecule.
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Halogenated pollutants - a group of persistent organic compounds that are of technogenic origin and pollute food, soil, natural waters and other components of the environment.
[UKPRwire, Mon Apr 15 2019] Halogenated solvent cleaners have been gaining popularity, on account of their irreplaceability and cost-efficiency.
Commenting on the halogenated butyl rubber unit, Mr Nikhil Meswani, Executive Director, RIL, said, "RSEPL's halogenated butyl rubber plant will be well-poised to capitalise on the significant surge in regional demand in tyre and pharmaceutical industries.
The company added that the US patent covers use of certain halogenated xanthenes in pharmaceutical compositions and as medicaments.
Although it has been possible to produce PET films with flame retardance above the VTM-2 level, these films require the use of halogenated flame-retardant additives and flame-retardant coatings, leading to higher costs and increased environmental burdens.
Regional differences are considerable: While halogenated flame retardants are still dominating the Chinese market, ATH compounds are accounting for about half of total market volume in Western Europe and North America.
Among specific topics are developing a liquid oxygen facility for testing rocket engines, flow friction or spontaneous ignition, another dangerous practice in the scuba diving community, a hollow-vessel promoted ignition test to evaluate the flammability of metals in piping configurations under flowing conditions, a comparison of fire reaction effects for halogenated verses non-halogenated non-metals in high-pressure oxygen components, and an approach to evaluating risk for polymers in oxygen breathing systems.
The standard sensitivity mode works well for polar compounds such as ketones, alcohols, and esters, while the high-sensitivity mode works well for compounds such as halogenated alkanes and substituted aromatics, as well as mixtures with one or more compounds of low concentration.
Several halogenated derivatives of the Quinolin-8-ol consist of iodine, chlorine or bromine substitution on the 5 and / or 7 position of the quinoline nucleus (fig 1).
Although BT exposure increased halogenated DNA, this increase was inhibited by catalase, methionine, and ABAH.
Extem resins are flame retardant without halogenated additives.
Wastes generated at the facility include halogenated and non-halogenated solvents, corrosives, paint wastes, wastes from electroplating operations, petroleum products, and oils and lubricants.