halo traction

ha·lo trac·tion

application of skeletal traction to the head by means of a halo device.
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He spent six days in hospital and 14 weeks in halo traction, still suffers from discomfort in his neck and has been left partially disabled.
'Caring for a Patient in Halo Traction' was the title of the presentation from Ross Beaton, an EN in the Acute Orthopaedic Service at Dunedin Hospital.
Halo traction is typically used for stabilizing cervical spine fractures and preoperatively to reduce spinal misalignment.
The typical treatment time for the halo traction is up to
Brachial plexus palsy associated with halo traction before posterior correction in severe scoliosis.
Emily stayed in the University Hospital of Wales for a month and had to have a halo traction vest fixed to her head and shoulders while the implanted metal rods became embedded.
He was in halo traction - consisting of a ring around the head which is attached to the skull with pins, a special vest with a sheepskin lining and a set of four rods and two blocks which connect the head ring to the special vest - to protect his spine.
The vest also can be used for children in halo traction devices.
The patient is likely to be in halo traction - a large metal rig to prevent her head from moving - for some time, but is expected to make a good recovery.
Daniella, from Whitecrook, Clydebank in Glasgow, was admitted to Yorkhill Hospital for Sick Children where halo traction was screwed into her skull with a one and a half- kilogram weight attached.
The patterns could also be adjusted to accommodate halo traction devices or other applicances or to address such specific needs as hand and arm limitations.
Halo traction adjustments were reported at 27% with removal of a halo device at 27% (Table 2).