hallucinogen persisting perception disorder

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Psychiatry A non-drug-related recurrent recollection of a traumatic event, frightening experience or image, as may affect ex-soldiers, e.g., Vietnam veterans; the recurrence of a past memory, feeling, or perception
Substance abuse An involuntary recurrence of some aspect of a hallucinatory experience or perceptual distortion often with negative overtones and accompanied by fear and anxiety; flashbacks are an adverse effect classically associated with psychedelic drugs—e.g., LSD and PCP—which occur days to weeks after the last dose; flashbacks are common in heavy users and disappear with time

hallucinogen persisting perception disorder



Distorted sensory experiences (usually hallucinatory visual perceptions) that occur in those with a long history of illicit drug use.

Hallucinogen persisting perception disorder (HPPD)

The recurrence of LSD effects after the drug experience has ended.