great toe [I]

the first digit of the foot.
Synonym(s): hallux [TA], digitus pedis primus [I] [I]* ☆ , hallex, hallus, pollex pedis, primary digit of foot
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Manual (HALLEX) that requires non-attorneys to be "helpful"
Pirates, princesses and blood-thirsty vampires are all welcome at the beach on October 31 where visitors can rave to the sounds of the legendary DJ Hallex M.
The epithet hallex viri ("man no better than the residual smut at the bottom of garum") certainly means that he is worthless, smelly, disgusting scum, but also may disparage Hanno's sexuality.
We should note that Plautus uses conduplicatio elsewhere as the equivalent of making the beast with two backs.(7) Apparently Hanno does not give a paternal hug, but an embrace passionate enough to generate a misunderstanding: 'Antamoenides: tune hic amator audes esse, hallex viri, / aut contrectare quod mares homines amant?'(8) Although we cannot know in exactly what manner the actors embraced, they necessarily hugged in such a way that the soldier, and thereby the audience, could have perceived them as lovers; Antamoenides' outburst suggests that Hanno's hands grasped what a father's should not.