nevus pilosus

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ne·vus pi·lo·'sus

a mole covered with an abundant growth of hair.
Synonym(s): hairy mole
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ne·vus pi·lo·sus

(nē'vŭs pī-lō'sŭs)
A mole covered with an abundant growth of hair.
Synonym(s): hairy mole, naevus pilosus.
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Mine was Christmas Day, 1971 but it wasn't a Her Majesty-toasting sip of sherry proffered by the maiden aunt with the hairy mole on the upper lip who came bearing a box of apples every Yuletide and proceeded to very nearly drink the house dry.
Hairy Mole the pirate has the cast of mind of those renaissance musicians who, when they came on the word 'high', set it on top C, and then assigned the word 'deep' to the bass singer who could manage bottom D.
preternatural clarity I admired a hairy mole at the nape of his neck and
A Prognostick [original, pronostico] which said, that the Christians were to lose that land, and that it was to be conquered by the Moors: it said farther, that the Captain that was to gain it, was to be valorous and strong, and for a proof of the knowledge of him, he was to have a hairy mole as large as a garvanzo, or vetch, over the shoulder of his right hand.
It does everything in Hi-Def which means you will be able to see every pore and hairy mole on your granny's chin if you film the family get-togethers with this bad boy.
PATIENTS being seen by the doctors tonight include a man whose gigantic hairy mole covers his entire shoulder and a young woman whose life is being ruined by boils that constantly erupt all over her body.
Attempting to swat a fly off a young lady's chin - and finding out it was a very hairy mole Avril Roberts, Plantasia : I once asked Tony Lewis (ex England captain) during an exhibition opening, if he played a little cricket!
So imagine her horror that even as a sophisticated young woman, she is still accosted in the street by Father Ted fans who can sense the hairy mole and stinky cardigans of the deranged housekeeper and cry out, "Oi, Mrs Doyle!"
Emma My least favourite bit has to be the hairy mole on his back, it's revolting.
This is a well crafted, clever, magical, inspirational film about a nanny with hairy moles, a bulbous nose, a protroduding tooth and a magical stick.
And so, like the inspirational veteran star Maggie Smith (Mrs Docherty), her only need is to relish McPhee's hairy moles, bulbous nose and oversized front tooth.