hairpin loops

hair·pin loops

single-stranded DNA and RNA that can fold back on itself under certain conditions forming irregular double-helical loops.
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I did not come to Norway looking for you, but you are everywhere, your A Minor Concerto pulsating with the hairpin loops of our bus high above the fiords.
Positioning the variants nearer or farther away from hairpin loops or bulges allows variant [T.sub.m]s to be separated for specific identification.
Typically, tails are added to the primer that is closer to the variation to form the smaller hairpin loop. Smaller loops minimize the chance of additional secondary structure and increase hairpin [T.sub.m]s so that shorter stems can be used (16).
In contrast, the flagellar pattern during the idling state did not exhibit a consistent sequence of hairpin loops (Fig.
Video microscopy of flagellar beating patterns of Xenopus sperm in egg jelly has shown that these sperm are propelled by hairpin loops that propagate from the base to the tip of the sperm flagellum (Fig.