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Drug slang A regional term for marijuana
Vox populi The amount of money a person is dunned for a particular service
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Muhammad Zaher, a barber, said haircutting equipment has been instrumental in the spread of hepatitis and other liver diseases.
A styling guide for novices includes instructions in both English and Spanish, while a protective cape is included to make cleanup easier and encourage buyers to venture into home haircutting.
7 -- 8) Esther's Haircutting Studio, left, is where Britney Spears grabbed clippers and shaved her head.
The 22-piece home haircutting kit features a clipper with an electromagnetic motor as well as adjustable blades.
The "Official haircutter of the VFW," Sport Clips is the haircutting chain for men and boys, where "Guys win
IN A CRAMPED little Studio City mini-mall where it's often impossible to find a parking space, possibly due to there being four restaurants, a popular bar, a haircutting salon and a handful of other small shops, tiny J.
NEW YORK--Hair clippers, trimmers and home haircutting systems been coming on strong, due to the popularity of shorter hair styles and the interest of younger consumers.
Sport Clips, a sports-themed haircutting franchise targeting the men and boys market, currently has 137 stores in 18 states with new locations opening every week.
However the training and discipline that come with the military experience make veterans top candidates for owning a Sport Clips, the haircutting chain for men and boys.