hair bulb

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a rounded mass or enlargement. adj., adj bul´bar.
bulb of aorta the enlargement of the aorta at its point of origin from the heart.
auditory bulb the membranous labyrinth and cochlea.
bulb of eye eyeball.
gustatory b's taste buds.
hair bulb the bulbous expansion at the proximal end of a hair, in which the hair shaft is generated.
inferior bulb of jugular vein a dilatation of the internal jugular vein just before it joins the brachiocephalic vein.
Krause's bulb end-bulb.
olfactory bulb the bulblike expansion of the olfactory tract on the under surface of the frontal lobe of each cerebral hemisphere.
bulb of penis bulb of urethra.
superior bulb of jugular vein a dilatation at the beginning of the internal jugular vein.
taste b's taste buds.
bulb of urethra the enlarged proximal part of the corpus spongiosum.
bulb of vestibule (vestibulovaginal bulb) a body consisting of paired masses of erectile tissue, situated one on either side of the vaginal orifice.
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bulb of hair

, hair bulb
hair bulb, the lower expanded extremity of the hair follicle that fits like a cap over the papilla pili.
Synonym(s): bulbus pili
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hair bulb

The expanded portion at the lower end of the hair root. The growth of a hair results from the proliferation of cells of the hair bulb.
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The only effective way to remove it completely is to destroy the hair bulb, connective tissues and stem cells.
The strip is then cut into individual hair follicles that are replanted into the desired areas, boosting hair counts and planting healthy hair bulbs into the skin.
A single hair grows from inside the hair bulb, which is nourished by tiny blood cells and vessels in this area.
Melanocytes could be identified in the hair matrix of the juvenile hair bulb (Figure 1(f)).
Horstein, "Effects of plucking on the anatomy of the anagen hair bulb. A light microscopic study," Archives of Dermatological Research, vol.
Differentiated melanocytes tend to be localized to the hair bulb. During the process of re-epithelialization, the melanocytes in the outer root sheet are activated and they migrate upwards leading to perifollicular repigmentation.
Melitane stimulates melanin synthesis and decreases the number of white and low-pigmented hair and increases the number of moderate and highly pigmented cells on hair bulb
And Lee Stafford Hair Growth Treatment (PS8.49, Boots) has a protein that stimulates the activity of hair bulb cells to encourage hair growth.
It then goes further down, where it can kill off the hair bulb.
Cinnamaldehyde is a dye that stains citrulline, which is abundant in the inner root sheath, and can be a tool in identifying its presence and/or aberrations.4 A trichogram of the pulled hairs in a patient with LAHS may classically show ruffled appearance of the cuticle, misshapen anagen hair bulbs, and absence of the inner root sheath.
In 1991 Labo Cosprophar laboratories developed Crescina, a complex of amino acids, Cysteine and Lysine, blended into an anti-hair loss preparation with vasodilator action that is also capable to help hair regrowth by acting on the hair bulbs that are still active.