heme protein

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heme pro·tein

(hēm prō'tēn)
Any protein containing an iron-porphyrin (heme) prosthetic group resembling that of hemoglobin.
Synonym(s): haemprotein, haem protein.
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Researchers explore such aspects as the response of B lymphocytes during Leismania infection, cellular defence of the Leishmania parasite, the role of haemproteins in different life cycle stages of Leishmania, host-kinetopastid parasite interaction at the immune system interface: immune evasion and immunotherapy, and effects of phospholipid analogues on Trypanosomatids.
Cytochrome P450 monooxygenases belong to a superfamily of haemproteins that play an important role in catalyzing the oxidation of many endogenous and exogenous substances.