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A blood-dwelling parasitic animal such as the trypanosomes or microfilariae of Wuchereria or Brugia.
Synonym(s): hematozoon
[hemo- + G. zōon, animal]
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A parasitic animal that resides in the blood of the host.
Synonym(s): hematozoon, haemozoon.
[hemo- + G. zōon, animal]
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, hematocytozoon, hematozoon, hemocytozoon, hemozoon (hē″mă-sī″tă-zō′ŏn, hē″mă-tō-sī″tă-zō′ŏn, hē″mă-tă-zō′ŏn, hē″mă-sī″tă-zō′ŏn, hē″mă-zō′ŏn) [″ + ″ + zoon, animal]
A blood parasite (e.g., Babesia microti or Plasmodium falciparum) infesting red blood cells.
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