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A parasite that inhabits the bloodstream of the host.
Synonym(s): haemoparasite.
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Haemoparasites affect the blood cells and result in change of blood parameters (Chaudhary and Iqbal, 2000; Padmaja, 2012; Pasha et al., 2013; Parsani et al., 2008; Barghash et al., 2106; Ismael et al., 2014).
Ecto and Haemoparasites of Chickens in Malawi with emphasis on the effects of the Chicken-louse, Menacanthus cornulus.
Meanwhile, a report says the Lahore Zoo tigers/tigresses are under attack of haemoparasites. All tigers have been treated against babesiosis and follow up medication is also being done against trypnosomiasis.
Tests for haemoparasites such as Plasmodium are not routinely done; therefore, there is no data to describe asymptomatic malaria using donor blood in Eastern Uganda.
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Other similar disease conditions including haemoparasites and leptospirosis were ruled out through standard laboratory techniques (Cole et al., 1973 and Anwar et al., 2005).
Among endoparasites, haemoparasites constitute an important group.
An exact differentiation between haemoparasites is crucial to understanding their epidemiology.
Blood samples were collected with a syringe containing 0.10 [micro]L of 3.8% sodium citrate, and blood smears were prepared for differential leukocyte counting and the identification of haemoparasites using panoptic staining.