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Relating to the physical aspects of the blood circulation.


Relating to the physical aspects of blood circulation.


(hē″mō-dī-nam′iks) [ hemo- + dynamics]
A study of the forces involved in circulating blood through the body.
hemodynamic, adjectivehemodynamically (-nam′i-k(ă-)lē)
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The sensitivity of MRA is high in evaluating the normal variants and providing the haemodynamic information of the intracranial arteries but there are also some limitations as well like the vessels with turbulent or slow flow are not visualised on TOF-MRA images despite being patent.
This article aims to investigate correlations between myopia and glaucoma regarding retinal haemodynamic characteristics by reviewing the literature.
In this study, the merits and demerits of spinal anaesthesia and epidural anaesthesia were confirmed and compared by a patient survey, in order to identify the most efficient method in terms of the reduction of operation time and haemodynamic stability.
Haemodynamic stability was maintained, vasoactive amine perfusion was removed and the patient was transferred to the intensive care unit with adequate sedation and analgesia, and under mechanical ventilation.
Clinicians commonly use fluid administration to improve haemodynamics before, during and after surgery.
variations in blood flow / volume cell swelling or metabolic activity and is called the haemodynamic response [29].
According to the CICU treatment protocol and based on the patient's clinical status and haemodynamic stability, support was weaned accordingly (the patient was extubated before pacemaker removal and the inotropes were subsequently weaned off as tolerated by the patient).
2]O) were not encountered; and that haemodynamic parameters (BP and HR) were not compromised, compared with baseline.
Laryngoscopy and orotracheal intubation is associated with haemodynamic response and a rise in plasma concentrations of catecholamine like noradrenaline, adrenaline and dopamine.
Key Words: Anaesthesia, spinal, unilateral, haemodynamic, hypotension, hyperbaric, bupivacaine.