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1. Synonym(s): hemorrhagic cyst, haematocele.
2. Effusion of blood into a canal or a cavity of the body.
3. Swelling due to effusion of blood into the tunica vaginalis testis.
Synonym(s): haematocele.
[hemato- + G. kēlē, tumor]
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Although orchidectomy is not the standard of treatment in cases of haematocele and pyocele, long standing cases are often associated with atrophy and devitalization of the testes.
(7) Majority of the swelling were cystic in consistency, fluctuant and translucent and transillumination was negative in cases of secondary hydrocele, spermatocele, haematocele, pyocele and because of the opaque nature of their contents.
Discrete fracture identified in 25% cases with haematocele in 75% cases.
In our study there was history of trauma in two cases of haematocele, two cases of epididymo-orchitis and one case of testicular torsion.
(9) reported in 2004 on their experience with the hernia repair technique in which the posterior wall of the inguinal canal has been strengthened with a fixed band of the external oblique aponeurosis to produce a physiologically active posterior wall on 56 patients reported 1.7% incidence of haematocele and late granuloma.