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1. A chopping stroke made with the edge of the hand in massage.
2. Illicit entry into computer systems to access health care data or other personal information.

hacking (haˑ·king),

n a massage technique consisting of quick, rhythmic chops, using the blade of the hand. See also tapotement.
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For example, Hacking clearly sees that if one follows Quine in believing that indefinitely many translations are possible between any two sentences in any two languages, then it becomes impossible to explain the incommensurability of world-views associated with Kuhn's theory of scientific change.
He has written a book, ``The Art of Deception: Controlling the Human Element of Security,'' and is currently soliciting stories for another book, tentatively titled ``The Art of Intrusion,'' about the untold stories of hacking.
Maiffret began his hacking career as a lonely boy in love with the machine in his bedroom.
had earlier claimed the hacking of Democratic Party emails was done at the orders of Russian President Vladimir Putin, Reuters reported.
Mr and Mrs Hacking had been together for more than 60 years and had five children and eight grandchildren.
The 15-page plan advised that in most cases of hacking, local governments would have primary jurisdiction over the response.
The hacking group had promised continuing more attacks on Microsoft and kept with its promise by hacking and defacing the software maker's redesigned blog multiple times.
5 million fine to pay restitution for the estimated $80 million in damage that the Monroe High School graduate was accused of causing with his hacking exploits.
Security Experts Call For More Protections Against Election Hacking
28 ( ANI ): A 12-year-old fifth-grader from Canada has reportedly pleaded guilty for hacking top government and police websites for promise of gifts and free video games from the Internet hacking group Anonymous.
settled a handful of claims today related to its notorious hacking scandal, more lawsuits are on the way.